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1026 McClintock Ave
Los Angeles, CA
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Join the Team!

Have you ever wanted to run a triathlon, but didn't know how?

Do you have an athletic history and like a challenge?

Do you want to get in shape and meet new people (and maybe even fit into those sweet jeans you used to wear in high school)?

Have you ever run before (a marathon, a 5k, a PE class mandated mile, from the cops, etc.)?

Have you ever gone swimming before (national championships, the beach, your friends pool, kiddie pool at a frat party, etc.)?

Have you ever gone biking before (Century, to class on a cruiser, etc.)?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, we want YOU for the SC Triathlon Club.

    The club was formed in 2002 and is made up of more than 100 members of varying ages and athletic backgrounds. Grad students, undergrads, and even faculty are all welcome to join.

    We've had members who didn't own bikes or didn't know how to swim until after joining the team, as well as experienced triathletes. We offer morning and evening workouts so members can pick practices to fit their schedule. Some team members train all season in preparation prednisone for their first race, while others are training for the collegiate national championship.

    Triathlon Club is what you make of it. Check us out and we will do everything in our power to sway you to join our incredible team. Not because we're desperate, but because we see the limitless potential inside of you. Plus, you will get in great nizagara shape, meet tons of interesting and engaging people, and can brag to all your lazy friends that you can do a triathlon.

    To learn more about being a member of SC Triathlon, please contact us at [email protected]. Even better - why don't you come join us for a workout sometime!!

    How to Join the Team

    First, fill out a waiver hereYou will not be allowed to practice if you have not filled this out - these are USC rules!

    After you complete the waiver, feel free to check out our workout schedule and please join us anytime! No prior experience needed.

    Yearly Dues

    New members joining in the fall: $130/semester

    New members joining in the spring: $170 for the spring semester

    Returning members: $350/year

    Checks are payable to Trojan Triathlon Club. We also accept cash!